About the B&B

Who are we?

In August of 2011 I, Margriet Moerenhout, and my husband Gerard Veugelers, moved from Aduard near Groningen to Veneburen. This is a hamlet between Makkinga and Elsloo in south-east Frisia. For the past few years all of our spare time went into the conversion of our farmhouse into a Bed & Breakfast and silversmith workshop. I am a biologist with a job until januari 2014 as a project manager for IVN, the Dutch Institute for Nature Education and Sustainability. At present I am self-employed and free to devote myself to teaching courses in the workshop and starting up the B&B. In the workshop I make jewellery of silver and gold with special (semi-)precious stones polished by Gerard. Courses and workshops may introduce you to the beautiful craft of the gold- and silversmith. See also www.silver-stones.nl.

The garden of over a hectare has a natural character, apart from the vegetable and decorative plots, and offers plenty of peace and inspiration. There is a large pool housing frogs, toads and salamanders, a new orchard, several wildflower fields, and a wooded bank surrounding the whole garden. A footpath allows you to enjoy the whole terrain, the pretty views and surprising hidden corners. With several seats scattered throughout the garden, you will always find a spot to relax with book, binoculars or simply with your eyes closed, listening to the many birds that share our little paradise. Apart from the common species such as great tit, blue tit, sparrow and blackbird, we have nesting couples of, amongst others, the tree sparrow, hedge sparrow, blackcap and song thrush. In the wood close by buzzards and hawks are nesting, and we have spotted some incidental visitors: the raven, barn owl (even in our loft), green sandpiper, lesser whitethroat, stock dove and goldfinch. It is a delight every summer to watch the swallows drink in the pool with a well-aimed gliding flight.

Sustainability is an important consideration in our construction and furnishing. Where possible our building materials are environmentally friendly. Examples are: generous isolation using natural materials such as hemp fibre and wood fibre, water-saving taps and showers (without loss of comfort!), warmth reclaiming in the showers, and loam stucco in the guest rooms. The bed-clothes by Yumeko are of high quality organic fair-trade cotton, the towels by Green Daddy are made of super-soft environmentally friendly bamboo. We cultivate our vegetables and fruit ecologically: no artificial fertilizer and pesticides that harm the environment. This results in delicious fresh eggs for your breakfast, as well as strawberries with a sweet taste that has (unfortunately) become impossible to find in the shops, and tomatoes that have had time to ripen in the sun. All lemonade syrups and jams are home-made from our own fruit. Anything we do not grow and have to buy elsewhere is produced locally as much as possible. We buy green energy from the local energy co-operation where Gerard is a member of the committee. In this way we aim to minimize our and our guests’ impact on the environment.